Medical Oncology & Infusion
advanced treatment for localized tumors as well as metastatic cancers.

The Cancer Center at SCOA provides advanced treatment for localized tumors as well as metastatic cancers (those that have spread) for all forms of cancer. Our group of specialists include medical oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, registered nurses and other specialists who work together to improve the prognosis and treatment of adult patients with cancer. Our team works together to develop an individualized treatment program that meets the specific needs of each patient.

Chemotherapy and Infusion

Our mission is to make each visit to our facility as comfortable as possible in a personalized setting. We offer a spacious treatment area that over looks a wooded hillside and serenity garden along with 8 soothing fish tanks placed throughout the practice for the patients and family members to enjoy.


Prior to any first treatment or treatment change our patients are scheduled to visit with a teaching nurse for a face to face appointment. During the session the patient and family members (if requested) will learn about their specific treatment plan and any potential side effects related to treatment. After the patient has completed the education process and all of their questions have been answered they will be oriented to our treatment area.


Medical care is just the start of what cancer patients need.

SCOA also provides in-house:

  • Financial counselors to help patients understand and navigate through the insurance process and payment maze.
  • Oncology-certified infusion nurses that maintain their certification by completing education activities on advancements in oncology care. 
  • Four licensed social workers to help empower patients to take an active role in their care. As well as providing information on outside services such as home health agencies, long term care facilities and hospice organizations.
  • Support groups that meet once a month for our patients and their families. 
    Image consultants and products as well as "Look Good Feel Better" sessions with the American Cancer Society. 
  • Home medical equipment providers that assist with home infusions as a convenience for some of our patients.


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