Sc Oncology

Family Counseling

Tonya Polite, M.A., M.Ed.

South Carolina Oncology Associates also offers an onsite Family Counseling service to help patients and family members cope with the immediate stress that cancer can bring. Tonya Polite, M.A., M.Ed., our family counselor, offers a wide range of supportive strategies with the desired goal of helping families navigate through changes that can affect quality of life and providing interventions for anxiety, depression, and emotional changes. Tonya can also help patients and family members identify community resource assistance programs that may be available.

Tonya has more than fifteen years of experience in individual and family counseling across all age groups. Often times, verbally expressing your emotions can help you feel better about the obstacles you are facing. Counseling can offer you support and a chance to understand what you are going through. Whether you are a patient or a family member, the Family Counseling Program services are available to you at no charge.