Lab Services

Laboratory tests help cancer doctors make accurate diagnoses, determine the effectiveness of your treatment, and monitor for side effects.

South Carolina Oncology Associates (SCOA) offers immediate laboratory testing and quick results through our on-site facility, making life more convenient for you.

Our On-Site Lab Supports Exceptional Cancer Care

Our laboratory is CLIA certified, which means it passes stringent quality guidelines laid out by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment, a federal regulatory standard for clinical laboratories. The CLIA-certified lab at SCOA houses some of the most advanced clinical laboratory equipment available. We staff our laboratory with highly trained, experienced lab and phlebotomy professionals.

Our clinical lab technicians and phlebotomists have special expertise in performing lab tests on people with cancer. We use techniques that minimize “pokes and sticks,” reduce discomfort, and decrease your likelihood of having to repeat blood draws. Our lab technicians utilize approved testing techniques to ensure that you always receive accurate results.

Our on-site laboratory can process a variety of laboratory tests that help our oncology doctors diagnose, treat and manage cancer. These lab tests include hematology tests that measure white blood cells and other components of your blood, chemistry panels that help evaluate electrolyte balance and the presence of other chemicals in your blood, immunoassays that recognize immune response to infections, and coagulation tests to assess how well your blood clots.

The results of each laboratory test provide a piece of the puzzle that is important to your personal cancer care. Our dedicated and compassionate oncology staff will use your lab tests to assess your health and create a personalized treatment plan crafted especially for you.

Because our laboratory is on-site, we can deliver lab results to you and your doctors quickly. Residing in the same facility also allows our doctors, nurses and laboratory professionals to work together as a team to provide the best patient care possible. Your oncology doctor will review your lab results as soon as the reports become available; your doctor or nurse will contact you right away if any of the tests show conditions that require immediate attention. You may even be able to view your results on our convenient patient portal.