Medical Oncology

The Cancer Center at South Carolina Oncology Associates (SCOA) provides medical oncology services. Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer. There are three main areas of oncology: medical, surgical, and radiological. Surgical oncology is the use of invasive surgery to remove cancer; radiation oncology uses high-energy x-rays or proton beams to destroy cancer.

Medical oncology treats cancer through the administration of chemotherapy and other medications, such as targeted therapies. The medical oncology professionals at the Cancer Center at SCOA have extensive training and expertise in the administration of chemotherapy and other therapies used to treat cancer.

SCOA Provides Medical Oncology in Columbia, SC

A medical oncologist oversees a patient’s care from the cancer diagnosis through the course of the disease. Depending on the type of cancer a patient has, one of our medical oncologists at SCOA may recommend chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy or a combination of these therapies. Each of these cancer treatments works in a slightly different way.

Medical oncology often includes chemotherapy, or “chemo” for short. Chemo uses cytotoxic drugs to destroy cancer cells or slow their reproduction. Hormone therapy, also known as hormonal therapy or endocrine therapy, removes, blocks or adds hormones to destroy or slow the growth of cancer cells. Biological therapy, sometimes called immunotherapy, which stimulates the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. Targeted therapy pinpoints specific genes, proteins and other molecules that contribute to cancer growth and survival.

Our goal is to provide exceptional cancer care in a friendly, compassionate, and comfortable environment. The Cancer Center at SCOA provides advanced state of the art treatment for all forms of cancer. Our team of cancer care providers includes highly trained and experienced medical oncologists, gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology certified nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Our caring and compassionate staff works to develop and deliver an individualized treatment program for each patient in our care.