Medical Services

At SCOA, the medical services activated for your cancer treatment are influenced by multiple factors, such as the specific characteristics of your cancer, the overall condition of your health and the main goal of treatment. Curing your cancer, stopping your cancer from spreading and relieving the symptoms that cancer causes are all dependent factors determining your proper medical services.  

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology treats cancer through the administration of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells or slow their growth, and other medical therapies. A medical oncologist is often the primary health care provider for a patient with cancer.

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Chemotherapy treats localized tumors that are limited to a specific area, and chemotherapy can treat metastatic cancers that have spread. The Cancer Center at South Carolina Oncology Associates (SCOA) provides chemotherapy cancer treatment in Columbia, SC.

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Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology harnesses the power of ionizing radiation, which consists of highly energized particles, X-rays or gamma rays to treat cancer. Our radiation oncologists work with medical physicists, dosimetrists and therapists as part of a highly sought-after cancer fighting team.

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Gynecologic Oncology

Focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of women with cancer of the reproductive organs. Our team of highly trained cancer care specialists has the technologically advanced tools and experience to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art cancer care.

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Genetic Counseling

Certain conditions and diseases, including some types of cancer, are genetic. Therefore, people with a family history of these diseases are more likely to develop them too. SCOA performs genetic counseling, which is a process that enables people to find out their risk for a genetic disorder.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a non-invasive way to let our doctors look inside your body for clues about your medical condition. SCOA performs on-site diagnostic imaging to provide quality X-rays and scans.

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Lab Services

Laboratory tests help cancer doctors make accurate diagnoses, determine the effectiveness of your treatment, and monitor for side effects. SCOA offers immediate laboratory testing and quick results through our on-site facility, making life more convenient for you.

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