Your Oncology Social Work Team

Serving as advocates for patients with cancer and their families, our team of dedicated social workers provide valuable assistance at every stage of the cancer journey. Offering information on resources, insurance coverage and other types of social support to include tips on talking to your family and children about cancer.

Social workers provide a myriad of helpful services such as securing financial assistance or home health care, guiding patients to community resources and area support groups, and also with helping individuals transition to survivorship. The social workers at SCOA also help patients and families manage the stress and the loss that can be associated with cancer.

The compassionate social work team at South Carolina Oncology Associates is committed to providing comprehensive social services for our patients. SCOA employs social workers who work with one common goal in mind – to assist our patients.

Cancer Matters

A cancer diagnosis can change nearly every aspect of your life, from your daily schedule to the way you manage your money. It can also affect every member of your family and household. Fear, anxiety and stress can take a toll on you and your family. Because cancer matters so deeply in your life and in the lives of your loved ones, our SCOA social work service is one of the most important departments at South Carolina Oncology Associates. In the course of our work, we develop relationships with our patients – not from just a medical perspective, but from a personal one as well.

We help patients secure the ancillary services they need during treatment, such as transportation to the clinic, home health care, hospice and medical equipment service. Our highly experienced social workers know how to navigate the complex network of co-pay assistance foundations and other financial assistance programs. Our SCOA social workers have the training and experience to predict the challenges patients may face and to provide resources to help the patient get the assistance they need.

South Carolina Oncology Associates (SCOA) is the only comprehensive cancer treatment center in South Carolina that provides medical, radiation and gynecological oncology, plus important patient support services like social work – all under one roof.

SCOA’s team of dedicated and professional social workers help simplify the lives of cancer patients and their families.