When You Arrive at SCOA

SCOA is the only comprehensive cancer treatment center in South Carolina that provides medical, radiation and gynecological oncology, along with important patient support services like diagnostic radiology, and infusion therapy – all under one roof. For 40 years, our team of cancer doctors and nurses have gained a reputation for providing exceptional cancer care.

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The “100 Steps” Method

100 Steps – that’s approximately the actual number of steps that our patients have to take once they walk thru the doors of The Cancer Center at South Carolina Oncology Associates to the end of that days’ appointment.  Taking you from the front desk, to financial services, phlebotomy, then to your designated pod area for imaging scan, then meeting with your oncologist, for chemotherapy or radiation. SCOA is focused on you and part of that is making sure your energy is focused on treatment and healing and not the time it takes to get from one point to another during this process and that is why we have made your patient footprint lighter, for less stress and ease. For those days , when the steps are hard to make – We help you make every step count.