Retail Pharmacy

Our pharmacy provides prescription services for the purpose of making our patients’ lives easier. We are a Specialty Pharmacy, which allows us to dispense medications that are hard to find at local pharmacy.

Our staff has the training and experience to give the highest level of pharmacy care to our patients.

URAC-Accredited Specialty Pharmacy

Our pharmacy has earned certification from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), an independent, not-for-profit, national body that promotes continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Highly sought after and difficult to achieve, URAC certification shows our dedicated staff understand the complexities of oncology pharmacy and can provide superior care.

Our clinical pharmacists and technicians have the training and experience in oncology necessary to provide the highest level of quality care to their patients.

Being a URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy means that SC Oncology Associates Retail Pharmacy has met certain standards, including:

  • Established policies to make sure patients have access to specialty cancer medications
  • Methods that measure customer satisfaction
  • Protection of patient health information
  • Policies and procedures that help patients stay safe
  • Fast turnaround time and accuracy of dispensed prescriptions
  • Patient-centered which includes coordination of care, communication, education, patient rights and responsibilities
  • Timely and effective customer service center operations, including taking time to answer inquiries and questions by telephone
  • The fulfillment of mandatory performance measures as outlined by URAC

Every member of our friendly and helpful staff can assist you with all your pharmacy needs. We also provide counseling on all forms of drug therapy.


Monday-Thursday, 8am–4pm

Friday, 8am–12pm.